Popular Types and Themes of Slot Games

It’s without doubt that video slot games are some of the most sought-after games among online casino players. Unsurprisingly, different online casino software developers endeavor to create the very best gaming experience. This makes video slot games some of the most diverse looking games in the online casino industry.

The basic mechanics behind the slot game hasn’t changed much over the years, and it’s this basic foundation that companies such as NetEnt and Microgaming have been building on top of to develop their games. This is what has kept video slot games on top of the other games since their inception during the advent of the online casino industry.

The popularity of slot games spreads across quite a wide social cross-section and its video slot adaptability of theme that has continuously driven their increasing popularity.

Popular Slot Themes For 2018

80’s Retro Themed Slots

These are games that take you back to the 80’s. Neon colours spring back to life in video slot games such as Neon Staxx, Neon reels and The Super Eighties.

The neon colours complement the retro look of the classic fruit machines and add a sense of nostalgia. They usually tend to be brightly coloured and seem to be glowing in the dark. The background of these slots is often dark, which makes the bright colours jump out at you. In this way, the software developers have managed to make everything ‘glow’. Symbols will light up during the bonus rounds, rolls will glow during the re-spin game and so on.

The vibrant and happy colours make the games more appealing to players. It is, without doubt, one of the best ways to turn a simple slot into a true spectacle.

Wheel Of Fortune Themed Slots

These games are based on the internationally renowned hit TV game show, Wheel of Fortune. They have been a significant presence in the online casino industry since the original 3-reel version debuted two decades ago.

Wheel of Fortune slots have a bonus wheel game that has been so popular. This has forced different software providers to release game after game, and the result has been countless sequels. Hardly does a year pass by without top companies such as IGT developing a new wheel of fortune themed game.

Among some of the popular wheel of fortune sequels have been Wheel of Fortune Power Wedges; Wheel of Fortune Winning Wedges; Wheel of Fortune New Orleans among many other games.

The Classic Cleopatra Themed Slots

Slot games based on Egyptian theme are increasingly becoming popular among bettors online. Cleopatra themed slots are particularly being celebrated by players because of the interesting graphics and exciting in-game features.

Your typical Cleopatra themed slot game will inc lude a wide array of Egyptian symbols. The queen herself happens to be one of the symbols and plays a very important role. Other symbols include sphinx, pyramids and scarabs. Together, they promise to take you back into ancient Egypt.

Cleopatra’s Gold is just one of the best examples in this category. Book of Ra by Novomatic and Book of Dead by Play’n Go are also good examples that you can consider!

Movie Themed Slots

We all love movies, this is a fact. There’s nothing more refreshing and relaxing than kicking back for the weekend and watching one of your all-time favourite films, whilst the cares of the world pass you by outside.

Thanks to the innovative and brilliant minds at the casino software developing companies, you can now be part of the movie, taking some of the iconic movies and inviting you to be part of the actual action.

Batman, Jurassic Park, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™, Gladiator Jackpot, Game of Thrones™, Terminator 2™ among many other games make this possible. Thanks to the licensing agreement with the movie producers, these games include lead characters as symbols, original soundtracks and exciting and rewarding bonus games based on the iconic moments from the movies.

Fairy Themed Slots

There’s an increasing number of video slot games with real storyline nowadays. Games such as the exclusive Bloodsuckers II, Troll Hunters, or the captivating Beauty and the Beast have fascinating stories behind them. By playing them, you’ll soon find yourself in a whole new world.

Most intros to the fairy themed slots are equitable to some of the high budget animation movies you see at the cinemas. Take for instance Jack and the Beanstalk, you’ll be captivated right from the start of the game as NetEnt brings the symbols to life right on your screen.

Other Themed Featured In Slot Games

Jungle-Themed Slots

From the treasures of lost civilizations waiting to be unearthed to the lush green rainforests teaming with all sorts of exotic wildlife, a trip deep into the jungle is one like no other! Jungle themed video slots will transport you into the exciting tropical world with their beautifully rendered graphics, cinematic sounds and rewarding bonus rounds.

Animal-Themed Slot, An Astounding Adventure

If you love animals, there’s no shortage of animal-themed video slots that you can play online! From fuzzy pandas to cute kittens, there are different types of animal-themed games that you can play online. With a variety of scaly (and furry) friends featured along the reels, you are bound to come across a game filled with riches and one that will fulfill your gaming fantasies.

Whether your preference is seeing various forms of wildlife roaming freely in their natural habitat or prefer taking a stroll out on the farm, there’s no shortage of themes online. Prepare yourself for an adventure with games such as White Buffalo, Lion’s Share, Untamed – Giant Panda, Apocalypse Cow, Kitty Glitter, Diamond Cats among many other titles.

Sports Themed Slots

The beauty of playing themed video slots is that they enable you to live out your dreams or fantasies while spinning the reels. From the above, it’s evident that you can visit exotic jungles, journey back into ancient civilization, or be a sports hero, depending on the game you play.

Think about sports for instance. There are so many people out there who will never become world famous soccer players, ice hockey stars, or renowned tennis heroes, but games such as Center Court, Shoot! Break Away or Basketball Star can give this imagination some momentum as the reels spin.

Types of Slot Games

Having already looked at the different types of themes, it’s about time we also looked at the different types of slot games. Each month, there are a handful of games being released into the industry. But generally, they are broadly classified into 3-reel and 5-reel games. As well, there are other special categories of games that include progressives and mega spin video slots.

3-Reeled Slots

These games are also popularly known as classic slots. At first glance, you might easily mistake them for the original mechanical slot machines that were common in the land-based casinos. But that’s just what they look on the outside. Inside, they feature the state of the art 21st-century technology.

Most of these games feature a single payline, just like the classic slot games, though others have 3 and 5 paylines as well as special features such as multipliers and wild symbols.

5-Reeled Slots

They also go by the name video slots and look a lot more streamlined and sleek that the 3-reeled slots. These games are fully computerized and have the state of the art technology.

The outstanding feature about these games is the numerous in-game features that they possess. In addition to the wild and scatter symbols, bonus symbols, free spins and special in-game bonus rounds, most of the 5-Reeled slots have a cool video trailer and cinematic sound effects.

These games also have at least 5 paylines with others having as much as 1,024 unique ways of winning. It’s worth mentioning that the higher the number of ways of winning a slot game has, the better the chances of winning the game.

MegaSpin Slots

These are games that support multiple players at a go. For example, Fishing with Buddies from Playtech allows you to play with up to five of your mates. This makes playing the game much more exciting and full filling.

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slots, which are more commonly referred to as progressives, are quite different from the regular slot games. The prize money these games possess isn’t fixed at all. Instead, each time someone makes a bet, the size of the jackpot increases.

Unlike the regular slots, the prize money that these game(s) offer could be worth millions of pounds at a time. Whenever someone wins, the prize will disappear and defaults back to the standard, default level.

Play These Slot Games Online

Irrespective of the game you choose to play, you are assured of finding something that will fit your preference at the online casinos. All you need to do is ensure that the site has a stellar reputation for offering safe & secure services; has a wide variety of payment options; offers courteous customer service and generous bonuses not forgetting to mention that it has been licensed by top licensing bodies such as the MGA and UK Gambling Commission.